Coal price list

Discount on 10 and 20  open sacks 

Discount on 20 and 40 prepacked

price match guaranteed


Homeflame 50kg-open/enclosed-£32.50

Newheat  -50kg - open/enclosed - £37.50

Brite Flame50kg open/enclosed £35.50

Homefire ovals - 50kg - open/enclosed - £41.00

Anthracite grains - 50kg - Gravity fed - £32.50

Anthracite stove nuts - 50kg - open/enclosed - £33.00


House coal doubles -50kg-open - £26.00 (out of stock )

house coal cobbles -50kg - open-£24.00 (out of stock )


Newheat - 20kg - open/enclosed - £15.00

Briteflame 20kg- open/enclosed - £14.40

Homefire ovals - 20kg - open/enclosed - £16.40

Newflame plus- 20kg- open/enclosed-£13.25

Brazier    20kg     open/enclosed- £14.60

Special Rules for Delivery of House coal in England. With a change in legislation, effective the 1st May 2021, House Coal in England can only be delivered in open bags.  Where 20 or 25kg plastic bags are ordered we will tip the fuel into a suitable coal bunker or store and take the bags away with us to be recycled.  Alternatively the coal can remain in the bags*. However, please note that the plastic bags will be cut open before we leave your premises in order to comply with the new legislation.  *Remember to save your bags and we will recycle them for you #